Award Booking Service

Award Redemption Made Easy!

  • Do you have the miles or points for your trip of a lifetime but just cannot seem to find any award availability on the dates you want to travel?
  • Are you frustrated by the “no space found” error messages when searching for award itineraries online or over the phone with the airline agents?
  • Are you paying a massive “surcharge” on top of your free ticket?
  • Are you confused about the allowable routings, partner connections, and stopovers?
  • Do you want to enjoy the lie-flat business/first class seats for a fraction of the cost?
  • Need help with Round-the-World, open-jaws, or stopover award bookings?

surchargeWhat is this ridiculous amount of fees & surcharge?!

I’m here to help! My extensive travel and reward booking experience forced me to learn on the mileage game – airline partners, legal routings, constructing itineraries piece by piece to maximize your travel experience and minimize out of pocket costs.

I first started out providing this service to friends and family members, now I have the knowledge and experience to serve to you! My promise to you is, no scam, no trick, you do not pay until you are fully satisfied with my service. Nothing is booked until we receive your acceptance. Most of the times, the savings I provide you by minimizing the charges will more than offset my fees.

Do you have the miles and looking for a trip of life time? Simply send an email to, providing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Where you are flying out from
  • Where are you flying to (one or multiple destinations)
  • What are your preferred departure and return dates (more flexibility with your schedule usually results in better routing)
  • What class of service would you like to fly? (Economy, business, first)
  • How many passengers will be traveling?
  • Any preferred airplane types? (A380, 787, Hello Kitty… etc)
  • How many miles do you have (all programs with all balances)

Of course, if you just have simple questions regarding award booking or trip planning in general, feel free to reach out to me, and I’ll try my best to help you out! As a thank you for being my valued reader!

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