Deal Alert – Toronto to Osaka, Japan Roundtrip Only $786 after taxes

Wow, just as I’m about to leave Japan, a deal popped up for Toronto – Osaka on Air Canada Rouge, for only $786 after taxes. Not only Osaka is a fun city to visit, it’s also very close to the beautiful city of Kyoto, it’s only a half an hour train ride away. I was just in Kyoto for 2 days, where I took the Shinkansen there from Tokyo. Kyoto is an amazing place to get yourself immersed in the Japanese culture, it’s tourist attractions are incredibly famous that even Japanese nationals go to Kyoto for vacations and visiting.


To get the deal, please click here to visit the YYZ Deal page. Note I am in no way affiliated with YYZ Deals, it’s simply a nice deal alert site that I follow religiously, and I do recommend you to check it out.


As a general rule of thumb, if you are interested, book first, hesitate later! You have 24 hours to cancel for free, use that time to think! Link to the AC cancellation policy here


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