Finding Award Availability with Aeroplan

One of the biggest issue with Aeroplan is that award inventory are hard to come by. One rule of thumb is to book as early as possible, most airline load their award schedule 330 days out. It is very easy to find good business flights this way.


Well, what if you don’t have the luxury to plan ahead? Try book last minute! SomeĀ airlines will open up unsold revenue seats for award redemption few days before the flight. One of my favourite way to fly to Asia is with EVA airlines. They have a solid hard product on their business (Royal Laurel) class, furthermore, there are no fuel surcharge levied on Aeroplan awards.

If I were to fly out tomorrow, a one-way business class ticket to Taipei, or anywhere in Asia routing through Taipei, will only cost 75000 miles plus around $55 in taxes and fees.

Below are a few examples of what you can get by flying out on last minute tickets.


4 seats on EVA business class

YYZFRA4 seats on Lufthansa to Frankfurt


3 seats on Lufthansa First class to Frankfurt!

Hopefully this post gives you some ideas on new ways to find award availability through Aeroplan!

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