Finding the Best Fares Using the New Google Flights

One of the best flight search tool just received a major update this week – Google Flights.

With this, you don’t even need to know where exactly to go, Google will tell you! Frequently, I have people asking me, I just want a vacation! To South-East Asia, and I don’t care where. Well, now Google has a solution for you.

In the destination field, in addition to specific cities, you can put in an entire region!


From a glance, Shanghai looks like a pretty good deal for me. Of course, you can always expand the map by clicking on ‘Expand map’ at the top. You can then zoom in-out, and drag to specific areas, and let Google do it’s magic by finding the cheapest fares.


Going to Europe? No problem!


You can also scroll down to see a list of other destinations.

Another cool feature is that you can have some control over which Airlines you’d like to take. For example, if you are Star Alliance Gold, you may prefer taking Star Alliance flights, to enjoy all the benefit it offers, such as priority check-in, boarding, lounge… etc. Simply pick it from the drop down. Google has everything planned out for you!


I would recommend you try this tool, as it’s extremely fast, ad-free clean interface, and gives you a good idea for trip planning.

If I had to pick on it, for the downtown of this tool, it would be the (relative) inflexibility with the dates. Unlike my other favourite tool – ITA Matrix, you cannot specify a range for your travel duration. You can however, still look at the calendar for the lowest fare across the month.


So go ahead, give this tool a try if you haven’t already. In my future posts, I will be posting tutorials on Google’s ITA Matrix – a more complex tool that is much more powerful, also more complicated than Google Flights.

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