How To Book Around-The-World Trip with Aeroplan

Ever since I got myself into the miles and points game, I’ve been traveling around the world at least once a year, in business class. I book business class tickets because you get more value out of your miles, and with flat beds for long haul flights, you arrived refreshed and ready to jump into the new adventure. Also, as they say, the journey is also part of the experience. Another reason is that I can accumulate more points than time to travel, so while I could have redeemed in economy, unfortunately I did not have the luxury of time to take months off from work for multiple trips.

As mentioned in my previous posts, my favourite Aeroplan redemption is the mini around-the-world trip. It is essentially an award ticket to Asia (75,000 miles in economy, 150,000 miles in business), with 2 free stops in addition to your final destination. The 2 stops can be anywhere along the way, let it be Europe, other parts of Asia, North America, or even Middle-east such as Dubai. Below is an example on what the routing looks like, the amount of miles required would be exactly the same as of Toronto-Tokyo round trip.


Toronto – New York – Frankfurt – Beijing – Seoul – Hongkong – Taipei – Los Angeles – Toronto

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Schedule Change on Aeroplan Award Flights

Flight schedules change all the time, they may decide to depart earlier, later, or cancel the flight entirely. What can you do when this happens? Being proactive is key to ensure you get what you want.


Aeroplan may or may not notify you when there is a schedule change, or they may have sent an email, but it’s gone to your junk mail. I recommend you to monitor your your flights once a week starting 2 months out from your departure date.

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Finding the Best Fares Using the New Google Flights

One of the best flight search tool just received a major update this week – Google Flights.

With this, you don’t even need to know where exactly to go, Google will tell you! Frequently, I have people asking me, I just want a vacation! To South-East Asia, and I don’t care where. Well, now Google has a solution for you.

In the destination field, in addition to specific cities, you can put in an entire region!


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