Uber Partners with SPG

Uber riders will now earn SPG points!


Below is a chart showing different earning rates depending on your SPG status and whether or not you are staying at a SPG property during the day. Note that there is a maximum amount of $10,000 USD spending for earning the SPG points per calendar year. After reaching $10,000, you will no longer earn any points.

PREFERRED 2 per U.S. dollar spent
GOLD/PLATINUM 3 per U.S. dollar spent
PLATINUM WITH 75 NIGHTS 4 per U.S. dollar spent

IMO this is quite an attractive offer, as SPG Platinum members can earn up to 40,000 SPG points from this partnership. For a typical business traveler, assuming you fly to a different city only once per week, you could take Uber from home to airport, airport to hotel on the outbound. Then on the day back, you take Uber from hotel to airport, then airport to home. Assuming each trip is $50 after tips, that’s $200 spending per week. This nicely adds up to $10,000 spending for the 52 weeks in a calendar year. So it is not too difficult to max out this perk!

Here’s how to get it started:

  1. Sign in to your SPG account and select SIGN UP FOR UBER. You’ll automatically get a credit toward your first ride. See FAQs for details.
  2. Go back to spg.com/uber to link your SPG and Uber accounts.
  3. If you haven’t already, complete one qualifying SPG stay this calendar year.
  4. Tap the Uber app, ride and start earning Starpoints.

For those who are unfamiliar wit Uber, it is an excellent taxi app with more than 8 million users and over 160,000 drivers worldwide. You can go to Uber’s website to signup, with this link, you and I will both get free $20. Enjoy your ride!

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