Are You Missing Out on Mileage Earning Opportunities?

Would you like 10,000 miles with that new computer?

Do you ever shop online? Are you taking advantage of all the mile earning opportunities out there? In this post, I’d like to show you how to get free miles from your online purchases.

A few days ago I was helping a friend shopping for some shoes and a new computer for the school term. We spent an hour at the mall browsing and picking, decided on everything he wanted, but guess what? We left the mall empty-handed, while gaining over 10,000 Aeroplan miles!

That’s right, we ended up buying everything online, for the same price, and free shipping, plus bonus miles! He picked 2 pairs of shoes at Aldo for around $250, then a Macbook Pro for $2372 after taxes at Apple store. Right at the same Apple store, we used a Mac to go on the Aeroplan eStore portal, and bought everything he needed within 10 minutes.

Both Aldo and Apple store are under the eStore portal, therefore we were able to take advantage of this mile earning opportunity. For everything you buy through this portal, you will get anywhere from 1 to 20 miles per dollar spent. Below is a screenshot of the eStore portal


Awesome, Aldo was offering 6x miles per dollar spent. In addition, being a Distinction Diamond member, he also gets 3x miles per dollar for everything purchased through this portal. Below is what Apple store is showing, 2x miles per dollar.


So how much does this add up?

Note that these bonuses do not stack and multiply, you do not get 6x miles in the end, you actually get 4x. When they say 2x the miles, they really meant the base miles plus an additional bonus equal to the base miles. When the 3x miles bonus for Distinction Diamond member is added on top, it really meant the base miles plus an additional bonus equal to the base miles times 2. However, the base miles is only awarded once.

For the Macbook Pro, since it costed $2372, anyone with an Aeroplan number is able to get 2372 x 2 = 4744 miles. Though in my case, due to the Distinction Diamond status, we get 2 additional miles per dollar on top of the base amount. Therefore, the total bonus miles would be base + base (for eStore promotion) + 2 x base (for Distinction bonus) = 2372 + 2372 + 4744 = 9488 miles. Keep in mind these miles are also Distinction eligible, so they will contribute to your status for next year.

For the shoes, they costed $250. Therefore the amount of bonus miles would be base + 5 x base (eStore promotion) + 2 x base (Distinction bonus) = 250 + 250 x 5 + 250 x 2 = 2000 miles!

In total, this is a free 11488 miles! For the exact same price you would have paid in store, and having to carry everything back. Instead, we opted to have these shipped to home, along with a nice bonus! Of course, adding the 2622 miles you get from your credit card regardless you purchase online or in-store. Making a grand total of 14110 miles!

Sounds too good to be true? How does this system work? All the merchants affiliated with eStore portal are essentially “paying” money to have Aeroplan to advertise for them. Aeroplan takes a cut from the merchants, at the same time, passing a part of that cut to you, the customer in the form of miles. This is exactly the same concept as popular sites such as ebates, Great Canadian Rebates… etc.

That first class trip on points do not get built up over night, it’s small things like these purchases and bonuses that will eventually fund your luxury travel!

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